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It was an unusually chilly 5th of May, but that didn’t stop us packing up our camping gear and heading up north to the first ever Brew at the Bog festival at the lovely Bogbain Farm, just outside Inverness.

Now I could tell you about the scrumptious beer, my new found love of red ale 5am Saint, how we danced away the cold (almost), the relatively unknown new bands I discovered and what a quirky, unique venue the fairy-lit Bogbain Farm was.

But this hungry weasel had something else on her mind – churros.

Churros come from Spain and when I lived in Madrid I loved nothing better than a 5am jaunt to the famous San Ginés Chocolateria for a post-party snack.
Strips of fried pastry, covered in sugar and accompanied by a pot of thick, melted hot chocolate for dipping – what’s not to love? So when I clocked the Churrio stall at Brew at the Bog my heart did sing a little.

Without exaggeration, the churros were just as good as those I had coveted in Spain. The dipping chocolate was just the right amount of bitter to balance the sweetness of the churros themselves and so warming to my already-numb hands. The only difference was that Churrio had added some cinnamon to the churro batter, but this worked really well.

Another charming dining option was The Tea Posy – a welcoming little caravan serving some much-needed hot drinks and delicious looking homemade cakes.

After hours of dancing, we finished the night with some much-needed fish and chips, and of course the Edinburgh girl in me had to go for salt and sauce.

It would have been great to see some food on offer made with Brewdog beer itself but as this was the inaugural Brewdog Festival perhaps I was expecting a little too much. But, hey, there’s always next year…

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