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As you’ve probably gathered by now, I love me a good curry. But having just moved into my own lovely little weasel den, I’ve been a bit pressed for time to actually cook. Those boxes ain’t gonna unpack themselves you know (no they really aren’t, I’ve been sitting watching them and they haven’t moved one inch).

This is why Chilli Papas Balti sample mix came along at just the right time. Through my letterbox, a tantalising little sachet fell, filled with mysterious fresh spices the colour of a blazing Indian sunset.

There was nothing to tell me what was inside (well, they wouldn’t just give away their secrets would they?) but I sniffed out some cumin, turmeric and cinnamon…perhaps?
What the mix did come with was an ingredients list and some cooking instructions. I deviated slightly from the ingredients listed, using aubergine and courgette instead of peppers, and cooking whole chicken legs instead of chopped meat.

Thanks to Rachel for the kind flatwarming gift too, turns out it works even better with ginger!

Oh yes, and I left the seeds in the chilli peppers because I like it hot. The beauty was just throwing everything in a pan, sticking on some rice, and leaving it to cook.

Making sure the chicken legs were cooked through we were ready to dig in, the aromas already making our mouths water.

The curry was lovely. A hearty, warming meal – perfect for the darker, colder nights that are drawing in so quickly. And a great way to celebrate my new hungry weasel den!

Who’s the daddy of blended curry mixes? That would be Chilli Papas.