A few things you’re probably wondering…

Why am I here? Who is Loulou? And what is that smell? I have been asking myself the same damn questions.

All you need to know, is that you’re in the right place if you like;
Horror movies
Occasional feminist rants


2 thoughts on “A few things you’re probably wondering…”

  1. Dear Louise,

    I hope you’re well 🙂 My name’s Samuel Dodson and I’m the regional editor at Guestaurant (www.guestaurant.com) for the UK & Europe.

    This year, we are covering all ‘taste’ festivals from around the world and featuring them in headline articles on our site. I’m writing to you because of your fantastic blog and clear passion for food, to see if you would be interested in attending the Taste of Edinburgh festival this weekend on our behalf – and writing an article on your experiences for Guestaurant. We would then promote you, your blog, and any other websites or projects that you are working on 🙂

    I look forward to hearing from you,
    Many thanks and my very best wishes,

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